Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am thankful for ...

my parents, the most considerate, affectionate, supportive, and loving people I know. I hope that I be half as good a parent as they are.

my husband, my best friend, my strength, my life companion, who has made me love my life again. [J and I got married in August. Long story short, he proposed on the eve of July 4th.  We decided to get married next summer but my younger sister talked us into getting married before they did! We had a beautiful wedding in my parent's backyard. It was magical. Everything just came together so seamlessly smooth and perfect. Even my dress, it took us just visiting one store, and trying on one dress, for me to purchase my wedding dress, lol.]

becoming a mother for the first time; I can't wait to meet our son in about four months.

my three beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate, caring sisters, my three wonderful brother-in-laws, and my amazing nieces and nephews.

my three loving, nonjudgmental, kind best friends.

my mother and father in-law, and my sister and brother in-law and their families. I have known them less than a year, and it is as if I have known and loved them my whole life.

the health and happiness of my little family and our growing extended family.

still owning my house and having the best tenant one can have.

being almost done with my MS degree, hoping to complete my thesis in about four weeks [It doesn't look good thought! I get tired fast. My back hurts all the time, and I can't sleep for more than three hours at a time!]

having an incredibly knowledgeable and smart thesis advisor who has guided me and taught me so much, even though he is dealing with health issues.  I pray for his health every night.

my freedom

my hopes and dreams

having hopes that I can continue to a Ph.D. program [I am applying for next fall, not in my current department, but my undergraduate department]

my life the way I hoped and dreamed about it my whole life.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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